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GM Max Dlugy goes down the Tube!
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GM Max Dlugy goes down the Tube!

New In Chess
New in Chess
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ICC is going to stream its shows LIVE on YouTube. GM Max Dlugy, IM John Watson, GM Alex Yermolinsky, GM Joel Benjamin, IM Christof Sielecki, GM John Fedorowicz and all the ICC team of talents will stream their shows to YouTube, starting from October

Friday the 16th, at 3Pm EDT (21:00 Europe)

with GM Dlugy's weekly show "Take it to the Max!". Follow us on YouTube! The live chat will allow you to comment and kibitz during the shows, to participate in the Q&A shows (Watson and Yermolinsky), and to have fun with the other internauts. ICC's YouTube channel is growing fast, with a lot of new videos published every week. Subscribe and stay tuned for always new and amazing shows!


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Sergey, Magnus, Alexander, Hikaru, what a month!

 computer pool

World class chess events everywhere, even overlapping one another. World Cup, Millionaire Open in Las Vegas, World Rapid and Blitz Championship. Last month has been a rollercoaster, with so many important events that have made following everything hard for the chess fans. The World Cup, with a final stage which has seen Karjakin and Svidler play an amazing match, with 10 decisive games in a row. When someone tells you that chess is boring, tell them to check the 2015 World Cup  finale.  The Millionaire Open, brainchild of Maurice Ashley and Amy Lee, this year saw the participation of a squad of strong Chinese players and three of the best players in the world: Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana and the defending champion Wesley So. Nakamura won the tournament, and the rich prize of 100,000 USD. Then , in the last week, a chess marathon took place in Berlin, Germany. Almost 200 players participated in the Rapid and Blitz  World Chess Championship. 15 rounds of rapid chess at 15 5 with Magnus Carlsen dominating the scene, going for his 4th world championship in a row, after he won Classical, Rapid and Blitz last year!  In the Blitz (3 2 ), after the dominance of the Frenchman with two names for most of the tournament, MVL collapsed toward the end of the exhausting 21 rounds (in two days), and Grischuk finished clear first, conquering the Blitz throne for the third time in his brilliant career. After winning the ICC open early this year, we had no doubt that Sasha would win this "minor " event as well!


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Yes, rating, that thing which makes us worry, calculate and, most probably, play better. What would chess be without ratings? We strive to get a point more and suffer when we see that after a day of hard work at the board our rating is only 3 points better than what it was eight hours earlier! Well, ICC knows all this very well, and now you can check the stats you have always wanted but had not the courage to ask for. And LIVE statistics, at that!

The best of ICC

...lists the currently best 20 players in each rating category, with rating and number of games played. It gets updated every 5 minutes. And this is not all! Records are always fascinating, and ICC provides you another webpage with the all-time records in each rating category. What are you waiting for? Get back on ICC, and let's see if you can get your username listed with the best!

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