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Ultimate Chess Championship

New In Chess
New in Chess
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Chess players: Start your engines!  The first Ultimate Chess Championship is fast approaching!

Unlike regular tournaments, where only the elite have a chance to win top honors, everyone has a chance now! Everything goes in this tournament, so bring your friends, bring your computers, bring your friends and their computers!

Register your complimentary (C)omputer account HERE to play in the event.  *Be sure to check-mark that the account is for a computer chess program.

Will a GM team win or perhaps a GM with computer help? Or will it be the lone gunslinger with the latest and greatest computer program, a specialized book and a monster machine? Join us and find out! It could be you! :-)

Here is the schedule:

Qualifier 1  October 2nd at 13:00 - 9 rounds of 15 10 swiss - 4 qualify for final
Qualifier 2  October 3rd at 13:00 - 9 rounds of 15 10 swiss - 4 qualify for final

Final October 4th at 13:00 - Round Robin for 8 players - 7 rounds 15 10


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Russia vs. Russia

 computer pool

The FIDE World Cup is at its last stage. After weeks of epic fights over the board, the two survivors GM Peter Svidler and GM Sergey Karjakin are going to cross their Kings for the finals, which will take place from October 1st to 5th , with 4 classical time control games - one a day - and tiebreaks if needed. Games start at 6AM EDT (12 noon Europe). The knockout format, when most of the top guns participate, is always fascinating and gives strong GMs - who usually can't make it to the elite installments - a chance to play the crème de la crème. GM Pavel Eljanov is a shining example of this. He played a fantastic tournament, crushing everyone almost without having the need to go down to tiebreaks. He landed to the semifinals in a roll, ready to wipe off another obstacle on the path of his dream tournament, namely GM Sergey Karjakin. It's been a rollercoaster. Must-win situations, missed opportunities, blunders, and all the complete dramatic happenings that playoffs can bring up. Down to the 10+10 games, Eljanov lost the first game because of a blunder and a must-win situation was there, looming over Eljanov. In the last game, tragedy happened!


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Youtube, Youtube, Youtube!

ICC is increasing its presence on the much popular channel YouTube, with a lot of new videos uploaded almost daily. Almost every day indeed, ICC presents the chess internet people with new LIVE shows, which then get uploaded to ICC's YouTube channel, for everyone to see. GM Max Dlugy, GM Joel Benjamin, GM John Fedorowicz, GM David Smerdon, IM Christof Sielecki, IM John Watson and IM Vojislav Milanovic are regular contributors to the still-growing ICC's team. Don't miss the instructional, funny and always entertaining videos Subscribe ICC's YT channel!

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