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Sinquefield Cup 2015

New In Chess
New in Chess
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The first round of the Grand Chess Tour was won convincingly by GM Veselin Topalov.

The second round is going to take place in St. Louis, Missouri, at the magnificent Chess Club and Scholastic Center.

The tournament, named after the chess patron Rex Sinquefield, sees at the start line the 9 players who have agreed to participate in all the three events (last one will be the London Chess Classic in December), plus - this time - the super-strong-newly-American GM Wesley So.

Play starts August 23rd at 2PM EDT; (Find your local time HERE)

ICC will cover the event with LIVE commentary and Game Of the Day video for each round.

There will be daily TRIVIA contests, including the new "Guess the Results" contest! In the GOTD TRIVIA contest, a lucky member can win a yearly subscription to the best chess magazine out there: (New In Chess -electronic version).


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August 2015 $500 computer-pool contest

Who will win the top prize? Right now the top three spots belong to ComputerGOD, RayJr and THComp, but the competition is heating up and the top spot is changing ownership every day!

computer pool

The top 20 list can be found HERE.

Don't miss out on the fun!

You can register a Computer account and participate in the computer pool! CLICK HERE to register. Make sure you check the box to indicate the account is for a computer program. Once you connect to ICC, click the PC pool button or type "computer" in your console.

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ICC is adding TWO new shows to its already packed calendar of LIVE Events! Starting in September, GM Max Dlugy and  IM John Watson will be on ICCTV every week with their brand new show. Max Dlugy will play games with ICC members and offer analysis of the game right after it. It is a great opportunity for everyone to learn and understand how a strong GM reasons and applies his knowledge to a real game. IM Watson will answer questions about openings, chess books and chess history. John Watson is one of the greatest opening experts around, and he will help you getting better at your favorite openings, or advice you on which chess books you need! Keep an eye on ICC's LIVE events calendar to know when the shows will be aired.

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****Limited time**** offers! OWN THE SHOWS!

  1. Attack with LarryC :Stock Sacs on g5
  2. Game Of the Week:Shabalov vs. Macieja
  3. Amateur Games:  Bjelobrk-Grischuk
  4. Amateur Games: Finding Combinations in Games and Puzzles
  5. Amateur Games: Trading to much vs GM dooms Amateur


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