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New auto-pairing pools on ICC, and cash prizes!
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New auto-pairing pools on ICC, and cash prizes!

We’ve got some cool improvements to our ever so popular auto-pairing pools.  Please say hello to ICC’s two new pools:

25 minute pool!

Presenting the 25 10 auto-pairing pool!

This is FIDE’s official Rapid time control, and one many of you have been asking us for. Note: this pool replaces the 45/45, due to lack of activity.

Play starts July 30, 2015! Update your favorite software to get the new pool features.

New In Chess
New in Chess
Check it out!


Next, please welcome to the ICC, the PC computer pool!

Pure computer pool

Yep, put your favorite chess engine to the test, and what’s more, win prizes! This pool is awesome: for starters, it will be flexible, with different time controls each month! Plus at the end of the month, we’ll tally results and give out prizes for the top accounts!

Play starts August 1, 2015!

Each month there will be a prize fund up to $500 up for grabs! INFO

Initial time control is 10 + 5 : 10 minutes on clock plus 5 bonus seconds after each move played

But there’s more: each month starts fresh, with ratings being cleared and we start all over again! Note: this pool replaces the Checkers pool, removed due to lack of activity.

Computer play
Anything goes tournament!Sneak preview: to inaugurate this PC pool, we’re going to hold an advanced chess tournament with cash prizes! In this tournament computer use will not only be allowed, it’ll be encouraged!! Stay tuned, for details.

Sign up

Start your computer 30-day free trial now! Register your computer account at: Make sure you check mark that it’s going to be a computer account:
signup as computer
download software Finally, make sure you upgrade your chess software. Which you can do here:

The ICC Team

ICC Rook

ICC TV and YouTube!

The Internet Chess Club is one of the best places over the net to watch LIVE events.
Simultaneous exhibitions, Banter Blitz, game analysis, live shows with the like of GM Alex Yermolinsky, GM Joel Benjamin, GM Max "Mr. 1-million views" Dlugy,  GM John Fedorowicz, GM David Smerdon, IM Christof "Chessexplained" Sielecki,  and IM Vojislav Milanovic.
The ICCTV is a place to gather and enjoy the shows, chat with other chess fans and, last but not least, learn the tricks of our beloved game.

But there is more! If you happen to miss one of the live events, don't worry! You can always watch them later on ICC's YouTube Channel!

ICC Rook


This is the ICC's 400th newsletter.  An important milestone, which marks a big chunk of recent chess history. Since 2006, ICC has been publishing its newsletter, with information about top events, videos, stories, new features and updates about the chess world. Chess journalists of the caliber of John Henderson; well-known bloggers such as Michel "fpawn" Aigner, Grandmasters and writers like Alex Yermolinsky, John Fedorowicz, Jonathan Simon Speelman have contributed during these years in making the ICC newsletter a landmark for all chess aficionados who receive it via email, FaceBook and Twitter.

We are glad to get the opportunity to share with you all our pride for this important achievement when we're launching the much awaited new pools! At ICC we are sure this is a big improvement, and we can't wait to see you all battle over the...keyboard in the new pools.

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