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USCF Online Quick Rated on ICC!
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USCF Online Quick Rated on ICC!

New In Chess
New in Chess
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The Internet Chess Club (ICC) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF) are proud to announce that their alliance broadens to provide Blitz and Quick USCF rated online tournaments on the ICC chess server.

Inaugural "Online Quick Rated", a 5 round tournament with a 12+3 time control with official USCF ratings. Be the first to kick off this new USCF rating and join in the fun Saturday! No entry fee!!!

it Starting Saturday March 21 at 5PM Server Time, there will be a 5 round Swiss, with a 12 3 time control.

The regular USCF Blitz tournaments will continue every Monday, at 7PM Server Time. Join us for a 7 round Swiss, with a 3 2 time control.

Learn how to participate HERE

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ICC Referral program updated!

  New in Chess

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of ICC’s referral program! Now you can earn up to $27 dollars when you share ICC with your friends and colleagues.  You can even share your affiliate link on your social networks!

For every person you refer to ICC that purchases a membership,  you'll earn points, up to 810 ($27) and will have the opportunity to convert the points to cash!   The referral system is sophisticated and puts you in charge!  You'll know at a glance what stage each referral is at, from signing up, to making a membership purchase.   In addition to referring a friend, you can place a logo or banner on your site or blog and you will see when someone signs up and makes a membership purchase. 

Read more HERE.

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L'Ami conquers Iceland


GM Erwin L'Am

GM Erwin L'Ami played the tournament of his life in Reykjavik, winning the strong open with a round to go. Today, in the last round, L'Ami lost to Eljanov, but nobody could catch him after the impressive 8.5/9 he achieved, that allowed him to celebrate his victory yesterday. It happens that a player who has played amazingly well, and wins a tournament with a round or two to spare, relaxes a bit after the adrenaline rush caused by the important result. Eljanov played a great tournament as well, finishing 2-3 with French GM Fabien Libiszewski. Mamedyarov, the favorite of the event, finished 4-10. Congratulations to GM L'Ami for this amazing victory!

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Tactics for Everyone!

GM Ronen Har-Zvi tackles one of the most important part of the game: Tactics. And he does this by a beginner and intermediate player's perspective: everyone will be able to enjoy, learn and improve watching this new series. All of us have at least once asked ourselves the typical questions: What is tactics in chess? Why is tactics one of the most important piece of knowledge you need to play chess? How to spot tactics in a game? How to take advantage of it? Well, Ronen is here to answer our queries, by guiding us - with many interesting examples - through the basics of chess tactics, such as double-attacks, forks, pins, how to use material to create tactics; to then move on into more complicated topics, such as intermediate moves, double threats, and more. Now you can own these amazing videos, and watch them whenever and wherever you want, on any device!

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ICC videos

One of the great benefits of ICC (apart from all the top-notch online play and tournaments) in recent years has been the upgrade in our popular video and broadcast service - many members agree that the live Radio commentary plus GOTDs from our elite tournament coverage, and our regular weekly shows alone is worthy of their membership fee.

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Planning is one of the MOST important skills in chess! Learn how to read the chess board and plan like the PROs.

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