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Tata Steel 2015
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Tata Steel 2015

New In Chess
New in Chess
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As usual, the chess year starts big, with the traditional Tata Steel super-tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. It is the 77th edition of this glorious event, and this year there will be two groups.
Group A presents some of the strongest players in the world, with an average ELO of 2747, which makes the tournament a category 20.

Play started today and Round 1 is underway! Join our coverage! Play resumes tomorrow January the 11th, at 7:30AM EST - 13:30 CET. for round 2!

ICC will show all the games and have LIVE commentary, with the traditional TRIVIA contest!


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No more time lost when your game starts! 

You asked and we listened!  By popular request, games will now have a 10 second grace period at the start of each game before you lose time off your clock!
This feature will prevent you from losing valuable time at the start of a game if you're not ready to make your move.  
Not only that, it gives you time to look at information about your opponent, like pstat, or history games to see what openings your opponent prefers.
Both players will have this grace period on move 1.
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The Tiger is back!

Vishy Anand won the London Chess Classic 2014 on tiebreaks after an interesting last round, confirming the rule that sees the loser of a World Championship Match fare extremely well in the next events. Round five started with Kramnik and Giri in the lead, playing each other. Their game was a hard fought Catalan, which led to a draw. At that point, Nakamura started pushing hard to try to win his game against Fabiano Caruana, but after 80 moves the American number one had to give up, and settle for a draw. Anand played well in a Berlin - which seems to be the trend in openings among top players nowadays - taking advantage of a couple of indecisions by Adams, to get into a winning knight and pawns ending. All in all it's been a good tournament, and for sure the football score system helped the suspense until the very end. Congratulations to the great Vishy Anand!
You can read our detailed round-by-round reports here.
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ICC videos

One of the great benefits of ICC (apart from all the top-notch online play and tournaments) in recent years has been the upgrade in our popular video and broadcast service - many members agree that the live Radio commentary plus GOTDs from our elite tournament coverage, and our regular weekly shows alone is worthy of their membership fee.

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