WCL Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 2:  Friday, January 9, 2008.

The Best of "KibBlitz", 2008!

The year 2008 may be over, but your fond "KibBlitz" memories don't have to be. This week, we gave our normal KibBlitzing page a makeover as we recapped the best quips and zingers of last years' "KibBlitzes". There's a few profound insights mixed in as well, so don't miss it! We review our most commonly asked "KibBlitz" questions and post the most interesting, puzzling, funny, outrageous, and bizarre answers. It's this week's KibBlitz Madness!

Chess Life Online is having its "Best of CLO, 2008" competition at this point in time. (Note that Your Kindly Editor, whose piece "Hilton on Not Winning Nationals" didn't finish in the Top 10, must now write a piece titled "Hilton on Not Winning Best of CLO".) That's when it hit me: Why shouldn't we have a "Best of WCL, 2008" competition? You can review past KibBlitzes from the WCL Newsletter Archives and email your vote to the Editor. The winning KibBlitz will be recognized in next week's WCL Newsletter!

Macauley Peterson Alert: Naka-Carlsen Blitz Video

Naka "Knock-Out" Nakamura threw some hard punches at the super GM Magnus Carlsen earlier this month in the Aker Chess Challenge, punches which our own Macauley Petersen caught on video. The eight-minute masterpiece combines an audio interview with Nakamura and video of the blitz playoff, making it extra-super exciting. Yes, that's right. I said it was extra-super exciting. Prepared to call my bluff? Check out the Chess.FM Blog post and see for yourself!

Are You Ready for the American Amateur Teams?

This is just a reminder to say, if you don't have a team ready for the Amateur Team Championships... hurry up! The U.S. Amateur Team Championships are to be held the 13-15 of February this year, and across the country, American chessplayers are forming teams of four with a combined rating under 2200 to compete. The North championship is in Wisconsin, the East in New Jersey, the South in Florida, and the West in Southern California. That way, there's bound to be one close enough for you to attend! Don't have the same woes WFM Abby Marshall did trying to put together a team last year.

Chess.FM Update

This Week: Game of the Week with GM Joel Benjamin!

GM Peter Leko
GM Vugar Gashimov

FIDE GP Elista, Russia
ECO: C42
Petrov Defense

Plus... stay tuned for Wojo's Weapons, a new series bringing you the move and strategies of the late GM Aleksander Wojtkiewicz!


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