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The Best in KibBlitzing, 2008


Does how you dress affect how you play?

Chris Dobbs: "I have not counted, but I would say I have at least twenty ties of all colors and designs."

Abby Marshall: "It depends on who is wearing the clothes."

Amanda Mateer: "Chess has and never will be about what anyone looks like on the surface."


If you were not a chessplayer you would be...

Dean Ippolito: "A biologist or maybe the President of the United States."

Sam Shankland: "Maybe a spy or some kind of government agent."

Fabiano Caruana: "Like James Bond."

Sergey Erenburg: "Well, I’m working on it. Hopefully, I’ll get a degree in Finances."

Abby Marshall: “A rich and famous rockstar.”

Macauley Peterson: "A filmmaker, but then again, why not be both?"


Craziest tournament experience?

Abby Marshall: "One time, me and this other person, whom I was interested in, got left behind and we stayed out until 2:00 A.M. or so, hanging out in downtown Beijing."

Jack Edelson: "Waiting 45 minutes at the hotel restaurant for my food, only to be told they’re out of chicken."

Tyler Hughes: "Hilton juggle oranges in a moving tram."


Meaning of life?

Jack Hutton: "Love, whether it be found in nature, a god, or in one's relationships with others. Either that or NASCAR."

Emily Francis: "To simply enjoy it and find happiness in whatever you do."

Amandma Mateer: "I don't think we're meant to know that!"


Chess curses and blessings?

Daniel Yeager: "Blessing: scholarship elgibility and satisfaction. Curse: less time for living real life."


Draw a lower-rated player down a rook?

Scott Low: "If I only have a king left and my opponent has an extra rook, I'll certainly take a draw."


Breakfast food is...

Tyler Hughes: "Coffee and bread, nothing special."

Courtney Jamison: "Breads, luncheon meats, muesli, coffee, orange juice, and nutella!"

Abby Marshall: “Wheaties, breakfast of champions. Just kidding, I actually hate Wheaties.”


Kasparov or Colbert?

Jean Hoffman: "Garry Kasparov. As members of the chess community, we need to start acknowledging  the inherent coolness of chess."

Emily Francis: "I'm sorry Kasparov..."

Your role-models are...

Jack Edelson: "Colonel Moreau. At Monte Carlo 1903, this chess patron and amateur player played 26 games against the likes of Tarrasch and Pillsbury. He lost all 26."

Alan Naroditsky: "My role model in chess is definitely my brother. It doesn't matter that I taught him the moves a long time ago; now he's teaching me!"

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