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Tips :: Examining Games

Ever wish you could replay a match from mid-game position against that one opponent that always beats you? Ever want to review a game on ICC with a teacher or trusted adviser? Ever want to revisit one of the many important games that are broadcast on ICC? ICC's examine mode enables you do these things and more.

While in examine mode, you can use "forward" and "backward" to move through the moves. You can also try some side variation (only if you are examining an ICC game, not if you are entering a new game) -- just enter the moves as you would do in an ordinary game (using the mouse or the keyboard). When finished with the side variation, type "revert" to get back to the main line. Hitting the Enter (Return) key is equivalent to typing "forward 1". "forward 10" moves you through the next 10 moves of the game. "backward 10" is similar.

You can also edit the position while in examine mode. Doing this discards the previous game history. To drop a white queen on c4, type "wq@c4" or just "Q@c4". To drop a black queen, type "bq@c4" or "q@c4". To empty the square c4, type "x@c4". Wild 6 is empty, and is therefore convenient for setting up endgame positions for analysis. "match YourName w6" will do this.

Games can even be examined collaboratively so that you and a teacher can discuss a game as the board position is updated on both of your screens together.


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