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Tips :: Connecting to Different ICC Servers

This tip is especially for those who are confused by the differences between the main ICC server and the queen ICC server.

The amazing electronic interaction of people, pawns, and extraordinary chess play that takes place on ICC actually all occurs within a single micro computer called a Server. The ICC Server runs special, proprietary software that has been developed and continually refined over many years. Currently ICC operates two Servers: the primary Server is called Main and the backup server is currently called Queen.

When you connect to ICC by using the address, you are connecting to the Main Server. If you were to connect using the server address, you would be connecting to the backup server named queen. In the future, ICC may add new servers with new names and/or replace current backup servers. When this happens we will post a news item.

ICC's multiple Servers do communicate with one another so that certain features are maintained across servers. For instance, both Servers maintain duplicate ratings. Occasionally, due to rare technical hiccups, there may be instances where games played on one server do not adequately propogate to the other and a few games may be "lost" from ones rating calculation. These instances are rare and naturally ICC does everything in its power to prevent them from happening.

Another feature that is maintained across servers are tells from Titled players during event broadcasts. During the now famous Kasparov - Deep Blue Match in 1997, ICC operated three Servers that attained a total simultaneous audience of over 2100! And the grandmaster commentary was broadcast to all three Servers.

Why connect to a Backup Server?

Generally, you would connect to a backup Server for one of three reasons:

  1. The Main Server has crashed. While ICC typically recovers from crashes within one hour, the Backup Servers provide a way to continue playing during the reboot.
  2. The Main Server is crowded as might be the case when and if Kasparov and Karpov play a Match.
  3. There is a special event or lecture that has been schedule to take place on the backup Server.
How to connect to a Backup Server?

To connect to a Server other than Main enter the address of one of the backup Servers in the connection process. With Blitzin, this means typing or selecting a backup Server name such as "" in the field labeled "ICC server hostname". Depending on the software you use this field may have a slightly different name and may be appear in a different place.

Blitzin 1.72+ connect dialog box.

See also help transfer.


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