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Tips :: Using Quietplay on ICC

One thing that many ICC members find disruptive is getting extraneous messages while playing. ICC has a special variable, called quietplay that allows you to filter out what messages you receive while playing. (It has no effect when examining a game.)

There are three possible settings for quietplay:

  • set quietplay 0 - This is the default setting. You receive any messages you would normally receive.
  • set quietplay 1 - At this setting, all messages will be blocked, except messages from your opponent. Direct messages from ICC administrators or automated tournament directors will still get through.
  • set quietplay 2 - At this setting, even messages from your opponent are blocked. Only direct messages from ICC administrators or automated tournament directors will get through.
Once the game is over, you will once again receive all types of communication that you usually do.

Kibitzes, which are game comments that go to players and observers, are controlled by the kib variable. There are three possible settings:

  • set kib 1 - This is the default setting. You will receive all kibitzes.
  • set kib 2 - You will only receive titled kibitzes.
  • set kib 0 - You will not receive any kibitzes.
These settings are also useful for observing games. Many large ICC events will have several hundred players observing, and receiving all kibitzes can be a bit overwhelming. Use set kib 2, and you will only receive the commentary of strong players. Certain players maybe receive a temporary title from ICC, called a (DM) title, because of the special commentary they can offer. These are typically admins, chess authors, strong masters, or certain computer programs.

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