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Tips :: Using Busy and Away on ICC

Sometimes, you step away from ICC for a while, and want to inform players that send you messages what you are doing. There are two main methods of doing this--the away command and the busy variable.

The Away Command

By using the away command, you can set a message that will be seen by anyone who sends you a personal tell. The syntax is away action. The server will prepend your handle and "is" to the string. For example, if you get a phone call, and need to step away from the computer, you might use away on the phone. Then, players sending you a tell will receive the message (told Junk, who is on the phone) (replacing Junk with your own handle, of course). Normally, as soon as you send anything to ICC (a command, a move, or even just hitting ENTER), your away string will be cleared.

The Busy Variable

The busy variable can be used to show other people that you are doing something else, and do not wish to be bothered by personal tells. There are three settings for it:

  • set busy 0 -- The default setting. Nothing is blocked.
  • set busy 1 -- You will still receive tells, but people that send you tells will be notified that you are busy, or the string that you set with the "away" command, as above. Your away string is not cleared by sending a command when you have busy set to 1.
  • set busy 2 -- You do not receive any tells, except from players who are on your notify list.
Note: everytime you logout, your busy variable will reset itself to 0.

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