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ICC Software for Windows

When you play on the ICC, you need to run software (called a client or interface) on your computer to connect, display a chess board, chat, and play games.  Our latest Windows software, Dasher, offers the major features of ICC in an easy-to-understand graphical user interface and is recommended for all new members.

Download ICC Dasher for Free

ICC Dasher is currently available in Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Alternative Windows clients can also be used, although some features of ICC may not be available or may be more difficult to use:

BlitzIn was the main Windows interface for ICC before Dasher and is still popular with many long-time members, especially those who prefer a command-line interface and are prepared to spend the time to learn it. It supports some languages that Dasher doesn't: Swedish, Danish, and Icelandic.

A trial membership requires Dasher or BlitzIn. If you use a different   
interface or OS, you can claim a free trial by validating with PayPal.

Jin Java Client by Alexander Maryanovsky is a full-featured Java application interface for ICC modeled after BlitzIn.

Icarus from Random Software is an ICC interface for Windows with some nice graphics and sound features.

WinBoard, developed by Tim Mann (milwaukee on ICC), is a free interface with firewall support and a chess engine protocol.

On Windows it is also possible to use Web-based Interfaces such as Jin.


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