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BlitzIn Troubleshooter

If BlitzIn does not work for you:

Firewall or Proxy

A firewall is a security measure to control what enters and leaves a local network. A proxy allows more than one computer to share one Internet connection. If you connect to the Internet through a network at a business or school, you might have to log on the proxy server, then connect to ICC. Ask your network administrator for more information.

In BlitzIn 2.5, on the screen where you sign in, click "More>>" then fill in the "Proxy Server" box.

BlitzIn can connect through most personal firewalls, such as Zone Alarm, with no changes.

The installer said "Corrupt Installation".

This means the download was incomplete or had some other problem. Download the file again.

The download failed.

If you cannot download BlitzIn from the ICC web site, email BlitzIn will be attached to the return email.

There was an error message when connecting to ICC.

  • "Connection refused" If you use America Online, and your account is subject to "Parental Controls", AOL will refuse to connect to ICC. The one with the master AOL screen name for your account sets those controls. Your account must have the adult status to connect to the ICC.
  • "Connection refused" It is possible the main ICC site is down. Try the backup queen site at In BlitzIn select "" from the list where you see "". Click "Connect" or "Sign In"
  • "Name not found in database", "Non authorative host not found" or "Trying cached IP" In Blitzin 2.34 and earlier: click "Connection", then "New". Erase "", enter "", click "Connect". Starting with Blitzin 2.5, on the screen where you sign in, click "More>>" In the box labeled "ICC server", erase, enter "" then "sign in"
  • "No route to host" If you connect to the Internet through a proxy or firewall, see the section on firewalls and proxies. Otherwise, try again at a later time, there is some problem with the route from you to the ICC.

I use Windows 95

BlitzIn 2.5 does not support Windows95. For Windows95 users we recommend that you download Blitzin 2.34 (English).

I want a different version of Blitzin

Here are links to various versions:

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