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ICC Software for Macintosh

NEW - You can now claim a free trial membership to use with your
Mac Mac computer by Validating with PayPal.

When you play on the ICC, you need to run software (called a client or interface) on your computer to connect, display a chess board, chat, and let you make moves using the mouse. You can download one of the Macintosh clients here.

ICCforMAC: A new ICC client for Mac

ICC for Mac is our new beta client for the Mac.  Being in Beta, we’re continuously testing and improving it. This client is aimed at beginners and newcomers to ICC. It provides an easy to use point -and-click access to the core features of our service.
Enjoy online play, join tournaments, chat with friends, and analyze with the built-in chess engine. If you are already familiar with ICC and it’s command line language, you might prefer using the Jin interface, listed below.


Jin: a full-featured interface, installation optional

Jin Applet by Alexander Maryanovsky is by far the fanciest of the applet interfaces, and is similar to our Windows interface BlitzIn in its appearance and capabilities. You can customize the font, chessboard and so forth, and it will save your preferences on the central server, so that wherever you go, be it an Internet Cafe, a public library or a friend's house, your preferences go with you. You can also download and install Jin as a Java application, see below.

Jin Client by Alexander Maryanovsky is a full-featured Java application interface for ICC. You have more information in the Alexander Maryanovsky's website.

Chessic 2.0

Download Chessic 2.1.2 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Important note: after installation, be sure to set your username and password in Chessic Preferences and restart the application.)

Chessic is a free OSX client by Joakim Johansson (ICC handle: The-Bishop) and Jonas Hansbo (ICC handle: rug). It supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, but may run on older versions of OSX. Chessic provides all the basic functionality you need to get started on the ICC:

  • Universal binary supporting both Intel and PowerPC based Macintosh computers
  • Nice anti-aliased scalable/resizable configurable game board leveraging the Quartz display engine
  • Support for professional chess fonts like Linares, Zurich and Hastings as well as two free sets
  • Graphical "seek" window to find available game opponents
  • Graphical annotation of examined games using Bob Hyatt's Crafty chess engine
  • Game history list
  • Integrated timestamp client support to eliminate the effects of internet latencies
  • Flexible seek list for advertising which types of games you want to play
  • Examine/observe games other than your own
  • Sound alerts when 30,20,10 seconds remain of your alloted time
  • Ability to save games in PGN (portable game notation) format
  • All the nice Mac OS X UI features like customizable toolbars, drawers and sheets where appropriate


Download Fixation version 2.1.1
Download Fixation version 2.1.1 for OSX (Carbon)

Fixation 2 website

Fixation is a free Macintosh client, first programmed by Adam Miller and now by Craig Knelsen. As of version 2.0.3, some users can get a 7-day free trial on ICC using Fixation. (It depends on whether Fixation is able to get certain data identifying the machine.)

Requires at least System 7.5, Mac OS 8.6 or higher is recommended. The OSX version of Fixation requires Mac OS 8.1 or higher.

If you observe or play a game, and get a text board, but the pieces do not move on the graphic board, type "style 12". If you are registered on the ICC, the server will remember this style setting.

Internet Chess For Macintosh

Download IC For Mac

IC For Mac website

Internet Chess For Macintosh is a free Macintosh client programmed by Jeff Mallett (metamorphy on the ICC) and produced by Strategy Laboratories, Inc. IC For Mac users do not get the 7 day free trial.

IC For Mac is a full-featured client incorporating dynamically updating Players and Games list, multiple chess sets and sizes, logging of sessions, many beginner aids and special advanced user features, excellent bughouse and Kriegspiel support, and a true Mac-style Graphical Interface with multiple windows, menus, and icons for quick and easy access to important functions. However, it was developed in 1995-6 and has not been updated for OSX.

Installation instructions: Click the link above to download. Then click on the self extracting archive called "ic.sea" that will be on your desktop (or in the folder containing the browser software) to install. Once it's installed, click on the icon that looks like a knight to login to the ICC using IC For Mac. There is no further need to use your web browser to access the ICC.

This package comes with three built in piece sets, but it isn't hard to design your own. Here are some free sets for Internet Chess that people have contributed already: Sand + Letters , GNU and Johns. If you prefer MacBinary format to Binhex, here are the MacBinary encoded versions of all these files: Internet Chess, Sand + Letters, GNU and Johns.

Helpful information that will get you started on the ICC is available from the Help menu. Once online Channel 14 is the channel for users of this client. As Strategy Laboratories is not in business anymore there is no longer any technical support.

OSX users can also find more possibilities in the Unix Software section.


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