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ICC Guide :: Joining a Tournament

How do I join an online tournament?

Look at the top of your event list. To open the event list, select your Window menu and then select Events. You will then see your Event menu and the tournaments at the top:

To join a tournament, click the green arrow button.

Advanced help for the BlitzIn Console

Find what tournaments are being run by typing tell 220 tourney. Here is an example of the results of tell 220 tourney

BOT status name style category rating time control current round total rounds players manager

You can click on one of the headers above to find out more information now.

If the tourney is marked as open you can join by typing tell bot join, if it is marked as late, you can join by typing: tell bot latejoin For details, click on the first line, where the words are underlined.

Once you joined a tournament, you are not suppose to play games, apart from tourney games!

The computer running the tournament will send you a "suggestion" to match your next opponent, just click on OK, and your next tournament game will start shortly. Here are some basic tournament commands you can invoke by typing tell bot command


To join the current tourney
To latejoin the tourney in progress
To leave the current tourney before it starts
leave !
To leave the current tourney after it has started. If you leave a tourney in progress, you may get dr-pts. Type and read "tell tomato help dr-pts".
Gives info on the current tourney
Shows the pairings of the current round
Shows the grid of the current tourney
Displays the current players list
Displays the games for the current round
Shows info on a specified player
Shows old tourney-results on a specified Tomato player
Shows the t-rating rank for a specified player


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