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ICC Guide :: What's a Chekel?

Chekels are a convenient way to buy online services on the ICC

  1. A chekel is similar to a US dollar ($)
  2. It has the same monetary value as one US dollar. (1 chekel = 1 US dollar)
  3. It is the form of ICC online currency
  4. There is a chekel limit of buying 100 chekels every two weeks. To exceed this limit, please see directions below.
  5. The on-line services include:
    • Chess lessons and lectures
    • ICC handle changes
    • ICC memberships

Many Grandmasters (GM), International Masters (IM) and FIDE Masters (FM) have applied for and been awarded what the Internet Chess Club calls "Chekel Vendor Status". Achieving this status allows vendors to provide services such as chess lessons and lectures. Only those approved by ICC management may accept chekels as a form of payment. If you would like to purchase one of the above mentioned services you must buy chekels and offer them to a vendor.

Buying chekels to receive lessons and view lectures

First, you have to purchase the chekels from the ICC. Type: c-buy in the white text-strip of your Main Console. Press "Enter". Follow the instructions.

Next, you need to offer your chekels to a vendor. These commands also must be typed in the white text-strip of your Main Console.
    c-offer vendor-handle number-of-chekels what-you-want-to purchase


c-offer schroer 10 to play in a simul

Transactions between customers and vendors are private transactions. ICC does not guarantee the quality of the services provided, but will record complaints.

There are also ways to see the current status of your chekels:

  • Type: c-pending to see all pending offers (both sent and received if I'm a vendor). These are numbered sequentially 1,2,3... These numbers are used by the c-withdraw (or c-accept for the offers received).
  • Type: c-withdraw offer This will withdraw the previous offer. The 'offer' will either be a number - as shown in c-pending, or the name of a vendor.
  • Type: c-history to view your history of recent chekel transactions. This command also displays the amount of chekels you have left.
  • Type: c-clear to clear your history as a customer.
  • Type: c-refund history-item-number customer-handle This gives the vendor the ability to refund the customer's chekels. It can be applied only to transactions that were accepted less than one week ago. The number and the name are used to reduce possible mistakes. Items that have been refunded are indicated in the c-history with: *

See a list of approved ICC vendors.

Becoming a Vendor
The ICC is currently only adding new vendors who have FIDE, GM, IM or FM titles. If you would like to apply to be a vendor, please send an email to LateKnight at . Please include your FIDE title, handle, real name, email address, postal address, telephone number and a description of your chess teaching experience.

Using chekels to change an ICC handle

It is possible to change your ICC handle after paying a transfer cost of $10 U.S.D. You may use chekels to do this -- the cost would be 10 chekels. The ICC will transfer the time you have remaining from one handle to another handle. The ICC will not transfer ratings, histories or finger-notes to a new handle.

Only you can change your handle. To change your handle you must type the following:

c-offer BrianSP 10 Handle change from my-old-handle to my-new-handle

Using chekels to extend a membership

Chekels can be used to extend a membership. To do this, offer the chekels to BrianSP, the ICC office manager:

c-offer BrianSP 49 for ICC membership handle: "handle"

You must have already created the handle for BrianSP to credit the account.

Purchasing additional chekels

If you want to purchase additonal chekels -- more than 100 in a two-week period -- the following information must be faxed (412) 521-5575 or mailed to BrianSP, Office Manager, ICC:

  • Credit Card information: Name as it appears on the card, card number and expiration date.
  • A copy of the front and back of your credit card.
  • The handle name and signature of the credit card holder.
  • A copy of photo identification of the credit card holder.
  • Amount of extra chekels you want to purchase.
You can print out a form to fax or mail.

See also: customer-agreement


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