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ICC Help: vendor-simuls

Vendors on ICC are welcome to give simuls for chekels. If you want your simul to be listed in help event and help event2, you need to send a message to Zek on ICC with the following information, at least 5 days before the simul:

- date of the simul
- time of the simul
- time control for the simul
- how many chekels you charge to play
- any special features, such as money back if the player wins, players can choose the color, etc.

ICC already has a large number of simuls, so we cannot guarantee that you will get a lot of players for your simul. But you are certainly welcome to offer simuls. When picking a date and time, please look carefully in help event2 and make sure that:

- there is no other simul starting one hour before or after your simul
- there is no other event starting at the same time as your simul

It is easiest for us if you give weekly simuls at the same day and time every week, rather than changing the day and time for each simul.

Other advice for giving simuls:

Before your first simul, you should make sure that you know how to give simuls on ICC. Please read help simul carefully, and do a practice simul in channel 3 with a couple players a day or two before your chekel simul.

You should make sure that anyone playing in your simul has done a c-offer command to you before the simul starts, so you don't have to try to collect your chekels after the simul.

[Zek 2004/1/28]

See also: simul, event, event2, chekels, Services, vendors


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