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ICC Help: style

Command:  style
Usage:  style <number>
Example:  "style 9"

This is equivalent to "set style <number>".

The style numbers are listed below. "style" by itself displays your current setting and available options.

 1.   Standard ASCII ICC board (default)
 2.   USA-Today Sports Center-style board
 3.   Experimental vt-100 ANSI board for dark backgrounds
 4.   Experimental vt-100 ANSI board for light backgrounds
 5.   Style suggested by
 6.   Email Board suggested by Thomas Fought (
 7.   Miniature board
 8.   ICC interface maker board-- raw data dump
 9.   Last 2 moves only (previous non-verbose mode)
10.   Sleator's new and improved raw dump
11.   Same as 8, but with verbose moves ("P/e3-e4", instead of "e4")
12.   Similar to style 10.  See the "style12" info file for information.
13.   None (no board, nothing).  See "programmers".  (Reverts to 1 on exit.)

Each graphics interface generally requires a particular board style, and takes care of that setting it automatically.

See also: interfaces, programmers, style10, style12, blindfold


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