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ICC Help: smoves

Command:  smoves
Examples:  "smoves 5" -- lists the moves of game 5 in your history list.
 "smoves %5" -- lists the moves of game 5 in your personal library.
 "smoves #5" -- lists the moves of your correspondence game 5
 "smoves POTZY darooha" will list the moves of the adjourned game.
 "smoves POTZY 15" will list the moves of game 15 in POTZY's history.
 "smoves POTZY %5" -- lists the moves of game 5 in POTZY's library.

Shows the list of moves of the specified game. This command is used for any game that is not in progress at the moment, such as games in history, liblist, cc-list, stored, and search. For games in progress, use the "moves" command.

See also: stored, sposition, examine, mailstored, libraries, search, correspondence


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