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ICC Help: rank

Command:  rank
Examples:  "rank" -- shows your position in the list of rankings
 "rank Fred" -- shows Fred's position in the list.
 "rank 1-minute" -- shows your position in the 1-minute rankings

Shows the position of the player (you, if you don't specify a player) in the list of all established and active accounts on ICC. It gives your ranking (number of positions from the top). An established player is one who has played 20 rated games in a rating category such as bullet, blitz, or standard. An active player is one who has played at least 8 rated games in the past 31 days in that category.

If the player is not established and active then the position shown is what it would have been had the player been established and active. Computers are included in the rank listing.

"rank" shows bullet, blitz, standard and 5-minute ratings. "wildrank" shows wild, bughouse, loser's and crazyhouse ratings.

You can also specify which rating category or categories you want by listing them on the command line, e.g. "rank 1-minute 5-minute".

At the bottom of the display, the "rank" command shows the total number of established, active players in each category.

See also: lists, wildrank, bullet, bughouse, wild, definitions


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