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ICC Help: password

Command:  password
Usage:  password <old> <new>

This command changes your password. If your current password is "Cowboys", and you want to change your password to "Go49ers", then you would type:

     password Cowboys Go49ers   

A password may not contain spaces, and must be between 6 and 15 characters in length. When choosing a password, PLEASE make it a difficult one for people to figure out or guess. You don't want people getting into your account on ICC. Choose passwords that are not real words, and which are unrelated to your name or username. Use a combination of letters and numbers and punctuation or other symbols. These passwords are much harder to guess. Do not use the same password on ICC as on any other service.

Passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that capital 'A' is different from lower-case 'a'.

If you forget your password, you can get it reset by going to this page:


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