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ICC Help: new-vendor

Internet Chess Club members who have a FIDE title (GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM) may apply to become an official ICC vendor. We sometimes make exceptions for experienced professional chess coaches with no FIDE title. Vendors can receive chekels from ICC members as payment for lessons and other services. Vendors can also place an advertisement of 4 lines or less in the help Services file, and put more information in their finger notes if they wish.

Vendors should have several months experience on ICC, and understand completely how to use ICC libraries and the examine, kibitz, tell, observe, and message commands. Vendors must be at least 18 years old or have a parent or guardian co-sign the vendor agreement.

Vendors receive a check from the ICC for chekels they have received.

The ICC deducts a commission to cover its costs of credit card commissions and chargebacks, record-keeping, check preparation and mailing, tax reports, etc.

Vendors will be paid ONLY by checks in US dollars drawn on a US bank. ICC cannot issue bank wires or other types of payment. ICC payment to a third party.

To become a vendor, please follow these three steps:

1) Send email to requesting to become a vendor. Please include your FIDE title, real name, ICC handle, email address, postal address, and a description of your chess teaching experience.

2) If your application is approved, ICC will send you a vendor contract to sign.

3) Sign and return the vendor contract to the ICC office along with proof of identity.

Current vendors must collect at least 50 chekels every 6 months, or they will be de-activated and have their advertisement removed from help Services.

See also: chekels, Services


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