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ICC Help: more-chekels

If you want to purchase more than 100 chekels in a two-week period, here is what the ICC office will need from you:

- Letter stating credit card information (name as appears on card, card number, expiration date), amount of initial extra chekels you want to purchase, signature of credit card holder, and username.

- Copy of front and back of credit card.

- Copy of Photo Identification of credit card holder.

The above information can be either faxed or mailed to the ICC at the following address:

      Internet Chess Club
      PO Box 5485
      Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA    
      fax:  412-521-5575

If you have any further questions on this, please contact BrianSP either by e-mail or by leaving him a message on the ICC.

See also: chekels, fees


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