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ICC Help: games

Command:  games
Examples:  "games" -- lists all games currently being played or examined
 "game 4" -- lists info about game 4 only
 "game Fred" -- lists info about the game Fred is currently playing
 "games *C" -- lists all computer games
 "games *T" -- lists all games involving titled players

This command displays information about the game or games requested.about all Read help games2 for info on how to shorten the "games" list by selecting which games to see. Here are typical lines from the output:

264 1706 GuruTactician        1677 PAVELI                br  5   0       B: 21
354 1418 JanMatthies          1959 daarpe                su 30  10       W: 10
205 1624 shufflechess         1721 spopa                 br  3   0       W: 30
109 1751 dentist              1593 ido                   or  1   0       B:  6
 85 1573 redbishop41          1766 XaDo                  fr  5   0       B: 11
107 2501 *Bartel(POL)         2670 *Radjabov(AZE)       Ex: FIDE04-1B %1 W: 54

Here is what the info on the first line above means:

 264               -- Game board index.  "observe 264" to watch this game.
 1706 GuruTacticia -- White's rating and name
 1677 PAVELI       -- Black's rating and name
 br                -- "b" for blitz, "r" for rated.  See help history for other symbols.
 5  0              -- 5 is the initial clock time in minutes,
                   -- 0 is the clock increment in seconds
 B: 21             -- Whose move it is, and the number of the move

Examined games show up somewhat differently, with an "Ex: continuation" for post-mortem analysis, or "Ex:" and some other description in other cases.

See also: games2, observe, history, events, clocks, seeking, sought


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