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ICC Help: customer-agreement

By purchasing chekels I agree to abide by the rules described in this document. I also understand the procedures and restrictions on chekels described in this document.

1. Handling chekels:

The commands for using chekels are described in help chekels. Chekels may be purchased on the ICC website, which you can get to via the "c-buy" command. You may not purchase fewer than 15 chekels at a time, nor more than 100.

2. Refund policy:

Chekels can be refunded only by written request. However, the amount of the refund is ten US dollars less than the number of chekels remaining in the account. Ten or fewer chekels are not refundable.

To get a chekel refund, write to:

Internet Chess Club PO Box 5485 Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA

Be sure to include your real name, mailing address, username, and password in your refund request letter. If your chekels were purchased with a credit card, then the ICC may issue the refund through the same credit card.

Abandoned chekels in unused accounts will be cancelled one month after expiration of membership, after which they will no longer be refundable.

3. Handling of disputes:

The ICC takes no responsibility to resolve disputes, disagreements or conflicts that might arise between a vendor and a customer. The chekel system supplies a method for the vendor to refund any purchase within one week. Using this mechanism, the vendor has the option to offer money-back guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction. The ICC recommends that this policy be adopted by all vendors, but does not demand it. Whether or not to use this option in a particular situation is entirely up to the vendor.

This User Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The customer irrevocably consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal courts situated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

4. Future changes:

The ICC reserves the right to change the rules and policies regarding the handling of chekels at any time without notice.


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