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ICC Help: adjudicate

Commands:  request-win
Usage:  request-win <opponent> <reason>

If you have a stored (adjourned) game, please try to finish it with your opponent. When your opponent is logged in, you can type "match <name>" to resume the game, where <name> is the opponent's name. You can type "resume" to issue match requests to all opponents who are logged in. Please use "resume" often to clear out your stored games.

- Please try for several days to complete the game normally.

- Every Sunday 3pm to 6pm is the "resume your stored games" time. Try to log in during this time if you have "stored" games and can't seem to find your opponent.

- If your opponent never logs in, or refuses to resume, then you can request that the game be "adjudicated" as a win, a draw, or an abort.

- The only way to get an adjudication is to issue a "request-" command Please do not ask in channel 1 and do not ask individual admins for adjudications. Thanks.

(Users of BlitzIn 2.18 or higher: Please check out this web page for an easy method to request adjudications, without typing in complicated commands: )

Here are examples of the "request" commands you should use. In general you type the name of the command, the opponent's handle, and the reason:

    "request-win Fred I am up a rook and he hasn't logged in for a week."   
    "request-draw Joe The game is a drawn ending and Joe won't resume."
    "request-abort Cindy The game is still in a book opening."

The request-draw and request-abort commands also send a message to your opponent offering a draw or an abort, which he/she can accept, thereby saving the adjudicators some time.

After issuing the request command, please be patient. DO NOT SEND repeat adjudication requests for the same game. Doing so may result in you being censored from using our adjudication process. We receive hundreds of requests each week. It may take up to a week to respond to your request. Please keep in mind that people who process adjudications are volunteers and their judgment is FINAL, except in the case of obvious mistakes. Arguing with the adjudicator, or his decision, may result in your loss of our adjudication processes feature.

Instead of request-loss, there is the resign command, e.g. "resign Maria" to resign your adjourned game to Maria.

If you never want to have to deal with adjourned games and resuming, please read help noescape.

See help adjudicate2 for info on specific positions that will or won't be adjudicated.

See help adjFAQ for frequently asked questions about adjudications.

See also: stored, sposition, abuse, resume, adjudicate2, noescape, resign, adjFAQ


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