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ICC Help: JudgeBot

Do people disconnect in lost positions against you and refuse to resume the game? Do you hate requesting a win and waiting days or weeks to get the win? ICC now has a solution for you!

JudgeBot is a computer program that monitors every game in which your opponent disconnects. If JudgeBot determines that you are clearly winning, it will award the win to you in about 30 or 40 seconds! You will receive an ICC message and the game will appear as a win in your history. There is no need to request the win or search for days for your opponent to resume! It's automatic without you doing anything.

If you do not receive the win, it's because JudgeBot didn't think you were clearly winning. If you still think you are winning, and your opponent won't resume the game with you, you can follow the usual procedure to request a win as described in help adjudicate.

Judgebot uses a variety of methods to decide if you are clearly winning your game, including an engine evaluation of the position, the times remaining on the clock for both players, etc. The specific rules used are not public.

If you do not want to receive automatic wins, you can /tell JudgeBot nowin. If you want to resume the automatic wins, /tell Judgebot win.

If you want to get information about your adjudicated game against Joe, you can type /tell JudgeBot info Joe.

You can /message JudgeBot <text> with praise, complaints, and questions about this new system!

JudgeBot only looks at games that are bullet, blitz, or standard, not pool games. Note that for games played in the pools (1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute and 45-minute), any disconnection results in a loss. It doesn't matter if the disconnector was losing or winning. JudgeBot is much more generous towards disconnectors because they only lose if they have a very bad situation on the board or on the clock.

We understand that in most cases when you get disconnected, you try to reconnect and resume the game. We apologize if your game got adjudicated, but keep in mind that JudgeBot only gives you a loss if it decides you are clearly losing the position. If the position has hope, it will not give you a loss and you can resume the game.

JudgeBot does not adjudicate official ICC Tournament games. Also JudgeBot does not adjudicate Team4545 games (or any Standard 45 45 games) because that league has their own rules for disconnections.

Original specifications and rules: POTZY (finger POTZY)   
Improvements and maintenance: FREEBIRD (finger FREEBIRD)
Programming and web control interface: djlogan (finger djlogan)

See also: adjudicate, history, resume, stored, 5-minute, Team4545


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