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The Internet Chess Club offers free accounts to all people who currently have the FIDE titles of GM, IM, WGM, or WIM.

First, register a username at if you have not already.

Then please FAX or postal mail copy of some form of identification that proves your name. For example, a driver's license or passport. You can send a FAX to ICC in the USA at (412) 521-5575. Or you can send mail to:

Internet Chess Club PO Box 5485 Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA

Please include:
- a copy of an ID
- your ICC username
- write "attention BrianSP" on it

These free accounts will not be anonymous -- your real name will be visible (via the "finger" command).

These free accounts are to be used ONLY by the titled player to whom the account is registered. Any use by other people will result in the account being cancelled.

Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy the ICC. If you have any questions, please send an ICC message to "BrianSP" or send email to

See also: IMGM2, titles, new-vendor


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