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ICC Help: Giveaway

Giveaway Chess (wild 26) is a chess variant where you try to lose all your pieces. It is quite old and well known as chess variants go, and is also known as Losing Chess or Suicide Chess. There are various sets of rules for it, but we use what seem to be the most traditional rules:

(1) Capturing is compulsory, but you can choose among alternatives.

(2) The king plays no special role; it can be taken, put or left en prise.

(3) Pawns can promote to king.

(4) The player to move wins if he cannot move; i.e., he has no pieces left or all his pieces are stalemated.

Castling is sometimes legal; just ignore the check considerations, since there is no concept of "check" in Giveaway.

Giveaway Chess is rated in the Loser's category, along with wild 17 (Loser's Chess).

You should get Blitzin 2.30 (or whatever the latest version is) for use with with Giveaway. Blitzin 2.00 - 2.29 don't display promotion-to-king correctly; the king will be displayed as a pawn. Also, you'll need to type the move to promote to a king, e.g. "a8=K"; this is also true in Blitzin 1.81. Some other interfaces might have trouble too. But Blitzin 2.30 puts King on the promote-to menu and everything.

See also: wild17, wild


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