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ICC Help: 2009-libs

Libraries of chess events played in 2009. help libraries tells how libraries work. For information about a particular library, do "finger <name>", for example, finger RussianChamp09.

Do "liblist <name>" to see the list of games in the library. Do "finger <name>" to see some info about the games or a crosstable. Do "examine <name> %5" to examine game 5 in one of the libraries. Do "mailstore <name> %5" to email game 5 to yourself.

Please note that library game numbers have a % (percent) sign in front.

*** 2009 events ***

finger RussianChamp09      62nd Russian Superfinals
finger Kalmykia09          Spassky-Korchnoi Match
finger Angora09            Angora Tournament
finger WorldCup09          World Cup 2009
finger London09            London Chess Classic 2009
finger BNBankBlitz09       BN Bank Blitz 2009
finger TalBlitz09          Tal Memorial Blitz
finger TalMemorial09       Tal Memorial 2009
finger casino09            Magistral Ciutat de Barcelona 2009
finger EuroTeam09          European Team Championship
finger Unive09             13th Unive Torunament
finger USWChamp09          U.S. Women Championship
finger Nanjing09           Nanjing 2009
finger WomenGP09           Women Grand Prix
finger Mukachevo09         Short-Efimenko
finger Valencia09          Kasparov-Karpov match
finger Bilbao09            Bilbao 2009
finger Montreal09          Montreal 2009
finger NHChess09           NHChess 2009
finger sants09             Open de Sants
finger JubileeRapid09      Zurich Jubilee Rapid Championship
finger Jermuk09            5th Grand Prix
finger JubileeOpen09       Zurich Jubilee
finger British09           British Championship
finger Mainz09             Mainz Blitz World Champ.
finger Mainz960-09         Mainz 960 Championship
finger Biel09              Biel Chess Festival
finger Scottish09          Scottish Championship 2009
finger LakeSevan09         Lake Sevan 2009
finger USJunior09          US Junior Closed
finger SanSebastian09      San Sebastian 2009
finger Norway09            Norwegian Champ. 2009
finger Dortmund09          Dortmund 2009
finger Asuncion09          II Magistral cuidad de Asuncion
finger Bazna09             Turneul Regilor 2009
finger NewYork09           New York International
finger CastleChess09       Castle Chess Grand Prix
finger Ruy-Lopez09         III Torneo Magistral Ruy Lopez
finger Leon09              Cuidad de Leon
finger Sigeman09           Sigeman 2009
finger Anand-Leko09        Anand vs Leko
finger Ivanchuk-Nava09     Match Ivanchuk - Navara
finger WorldRapid09        WorldRapid09
finger Mtel09              Mtel Masters
finger USChamp09           US Championship
finger PresidentCup09      President Cup
finger Nalchik09           4th Grand Prix
finger AnandMorovic09      Anand-Morovic
finger LakeCounty09        Akobian-Shulman
finger Foxwoods09          Foxwoods 2009
finger Oslo09              Arnold J. Eikrem Memorial
finger RussianClub09       16th Russian Club Cup
finger FinalFour09         The Final Four of College Chess
finger CupOfRector09       11th Cup Of Rector
finger Amber09             Amber 2009
finger SpiceSpring09       SPICE Spring 2009
finger Istanbul09          Women Grand Prix
finger EuroChamp09         EuroChamp 2009
finger Linares09           Linares 2009
finger Kamsky-Topalov      Kamksy - Topalov Candidates Match
finger Aeroflot09          AeroFlot Open 2009
finger Gibraltar09         Gibraltar Chess Congress 2009
finger Corus09             Corus 2009
finger GjovikClassic08     Gjovik Classic Int. Chess festival
finger Gjovik09            Gjovik Rapid Chess Tournament 
finger Leko-Ivanchuk09     Leko - Ivanchuk Rapid Match 


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