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ICC Help: 1997-libs

Libraries of all major chess events played in 1997! Thanks to the
volunteers who created those libraries so you can play over all those
games. help libraries has info on how libraries work. For informa-
tion about a particular library, do "finger <name>" like in
finger Linares97-1.

Do "liblist <name>" to see the list of games in the library.
Do "finger <name>" to see some info about the games or a crosstable.
Do "examine <name> %5" to examine game 5 in one of the libraries.
Do "mailstore <name> %5" to email game 5 to yourself.

Please note that library game numbers have a % (percent) sign in front.

  **** 1997 Events ****

Biel97             Biel, Switzerland (chiacs)
Dortmund97         Dortmund (Bluewalker, jmedic, and RobertoPeang)
EuroTChamps-97     European Team Championship  Pula, Croatia
                            Over 800 games, uploaded by WarHawk
Groningen97-1 ...  11 libraries of games from the Groningen Open
Groningen97-11     (Zek)
HoogovensUSA      Timman, Yermolinsky, Shaked, etc. (Zek, Robertopeang)
WTCC1, WTCC2,     World Team Chess Championship, Lucerne, Switzerland
WTCC3             1997.
WMCCC1, WMCCC2,   World Micro Computer Chess Championship, France, 1997.
WMCCC3, WMCCC4    (Zek)
Tilburg97-1       Category 17 with Kasparov, Kramnik, Shirov, etc.
Tilburg97-2       (RobertoPeang)
GKvsArgentina     Kasparov Simul vs. the Argentine Olympic Team, Sep 1997.
USJUNIOR-Live     US Junior Championship, Chicago Illinois
WomenVsVets97     Veteran Grandmasters versus top women (CDavis)
DosHer97-1        Category 19 Tournament with Anand, Karpov, Kramnik, etc.
DosHer97-2        (RobertoPeang)
Linares97-1       Linares 1997 Super-GM Tournament  (Sueno)
Linares97-2       "
Wijk97            Wijk aan Zee 1997, Category 16!  Short, Timman, Piket,
Wijk97-2          Korchnoi, Sokolov, etc.  (robertopeang)

The following files contain even more library names:
help Cool                Current events
help 1998-libs           Major events 1998.
help 1999-libs           Major events 1999.
help 2000-libs           Major events 2000.
help 2001-libs           Major events 2001.
help 2002-libs           Major events 2002.
help 2003-libs           Major events 2003.
help 2004-libs           Major events 2004.
help 2005-libs           Major events 2005.
help hist-libs           Historical chess events.
help WC-libs             All world championships.

See also: libraries, search, history, examine, sposition


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