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Information about whiffy (Last disconnected Tue Oct 17 2017 12:09):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bughouse        1341  [6]     1     8     0     9                      
Bullet          1628  [8]   650  1022    55  1727   1773 (24-Apr-2008) 
Blitz           1848  [8]  7505  8203   761 16469   1857 (06-May-2008) 
Standard        1771  [6]   361   372    53   786   1875 (03-May-2009) 

 1: timaska(97): Trump stings like a butterfly and floats like a bee|Dodgy(97):
  imagine my urine, bitches
 2: chesswooog(NM)(103): Because I've been assigned a task greater than Moses'.
  chesswooog(NM)(103): Overseeing the restoration of God's people and preparing
  the way for the Lord Jesus Christ to return. chesswooog(NM)(103): I suspect a
  certain amount of time travel will be required to carry out my task
 3: ElDorko(103): I want a girl just like the girl that pooed on dear old
  dad.|GermanSevorin(103): he tried to trick me by hanging his queen, but like
  pathfinder on a lake Havasu booze cruise, I was having none of the water
 4: Zvuv(103): this line of argumentation is like a nuclear handgrenade. you
  can't throw it out of it's kill radius.|chekbouncer(103): whiffy ur stupidy
  forces me to censor u again. i cant deal with stipud|DoobieBro(103): sunlight
  has vitamins,actually
 5: GunSlinger(97): facts don't matter, whiffy|Pawntrader66(97):whiffy, you
  refuse to believe some good people are in the klan and have been
  members.|Dodgy(97): more gods = better religion
 6: chesswooog(103): When your family is suffering, don't allow your mind to
  hide from the fact that you helped put them there.-- "But if any provide not
  for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the
  faith, and is worse than an infidel" 1Tim5:8
 7: Dodgy(97): we'll never have true equality for the mentally ill until we
  start having sex with them|metroactus(103): whiffy's english, you're dutch
  remember, don't let him rework you in his image (@dodgy)
 8:   daktari(103): we have lawyers ... and we have programmers. then we have
  'miscellaneous', which includes retired lawyers, and retired
  programmers.|GermanSevorin(103): 'Then chesswooog was right.' is a Mandela in
 9: Zvuv(103): The whole history of Protestantism seems to be about this:
  blaming each other for misreading the Bible and bastardizing the
  faith|daktari(103): Path's brain is like a magnificent oak that once bore
  leaves and acorns, but now only bores people.

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