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Information about voja(IM) (Last disconnected Thu Jan 18 2018 19:23):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1781  [6]     5     2     2     9                      
Bullet          1846  [8]  1521  1289   205  3015   2334 (17-Jan-2005) 
Blitz           2472  [8]  3391  3202   590  7183   2638 (17-May-2010) 
Standard        2396  [6]    62    27    23   112   2414 (11-Jul-2005) 
5-minute        2190  [8]  2563  2212   627  5402   2341 (08-Mar-2002) 
1-minute        1909  [8]  5956  5530   550 12036   2174 (07-Apr-2014) 
3-minute        2014  [8]  1123   905   196  2224   2312 (12-May-2013) 
25-minute       1506  [4]     1     1     0     2                      

 1: Hi, are you looking for lessons at reasonable prices from an official ICC
  vendor? According to ICC I am one of the most popular vendors.
 2: I am Milanovic Vojislav (IM) from Serbia certified by FIDE as a
  Professional Chess Trainer. I have 20 years chess coaching experience. Visit
  my web address please:
 3: The training focus includes special methods of analysis, and stresses
  mastery of important opening ideas. Check my Youtube Channel under
 4: The instructional methods are tailored for the individual player's
  abilities, but generally include an openings repertoire, middlegame
  strategies, and endgame technique, as well as psychological preparation.
 5: Group lessons with 2 students or more, are very popular and available at
  reduced rates.
 6: I also offer analysis of player's personal games and positions. Opening
  Database have more than 5. milions games organized into 2.000 separate files
  on different openings variations, Video lectures, all in Chess Base and PGN
  format - order it from me today!
 7: Endgames preparation, depends on students' knowledge or level.
 8: Are you tired of seeing no improvement in your chess play? Join my weekly
  class over 8 weeks I'll  try to teach you the basics of chess at
  exceptionally low prices. Message me for details of the program prices.
 9: To play blitz for chekels, type "c-offer voja 5 blitz" for a 5 1 u game,
  "c-offer voja 3 bullet" for a 2 1 u game. Another game free if you win!
10: or call vojachess on Skype. I can offer voice
  based lessons using Skype.Youtube Chanel vojachess.

 Name   : Milanovic Vojislav

picture of voja

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