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Information about tahta(C) (Last disconnected Thu Sep 07 2017 12:17):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          1894  [8]     4     0     0     4                      
Blitz           2758  [8]   668   135   271  1074   2842 (08-May-2017) 
Standard        1827  [6]     9     2     0    11                      
computer-pool   2404  [4]    20     2     5    27   2404 (07-Sep-2017) 

 1: I am a computer (i7, 24G ram) account operated by alip.
 2: I run a modified version of stockfish-8.
 3: I play regular standard, blitz & bullet, none else.
 4: I am here to take a leap or two in psychology.
 5: Are you human? play with me, support science!
 6: If I forfeit on time, tell alip to cool down my memory.  (most issues
  fixed, but still)


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