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Information about knightrunner (Last disconnected Thu Mar 09 2017 11:11):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1295  [6]   339   415   190   944   1702 (27-Jul-1998) 
Loser's         1384  [6]    21    59     4    84   1545 (20-Mar-1999) 
Bughouse        1424  [6]    93   176     0   269   1492 (02-Nov-1997) 
Crazyhouse      1405  [6]  1633  1824    17  3474   1713 (16-Mar-2004) 
Bullet          1277  [8]  7965  8665   343 16973   2031 (23-Jun-1998) 
Blitz           1347  [8] 20666 15346  2487 38499   2226 (04-Jul-1997) 
Standard        1616  [6]   317   220    45   582   2247 (24-Oct-1997) 
5-minute        1589  [8]   278   275    31   584   1848 (18-May-2011) 
1-minute        1075  [8]  2817  3141    49  6007   1451 (19-Aug-2009) 
15-minute       1702  [4]    10     6     0    16                      
3-minute         915  [8]   595   636    44  1275   1678 (12-May-2011) 
Chess960        1197  [8]    38    88     2   128   1310 (29-Apr-2011) 

 1: Currently teaching chess in the NYCity area . Private chess teacher and
  also employed by NYChesskids. If interested contact me either by message , or
 2: I started the Standard League on ICC several years ago . It later became
  the 45 45 league i am very proud of my accomplishment. No one else had ever
  attempted such  . To me , it was an unqualified success,   with no visible
  reward , except in the knowledge that i gave something to ICC  that it had
  NOT before
 3: It is a pity that thewiz retired from STC bunch, as i would have liked to
  have written this in that newspaper. I did not have a lot of help. There were
  people that sent out emails for me. Moondog was great, Missb also. I DID get
  Russ as a TD , and he was helpful. His listing of the pairings was a huge
  help .
 4:  i tried to get assistance from ICC administration, but unfortuantely they
  chose not to assist in any way. Perhaps , they wanted to see if the initail
  event could work. I DID set up a committee to help me, i received literally
  hundreds of messages in helping to create teams. I even created a web-page
 5: NEWS 812 (8-Nov-97)   Team ICC versus kasparov match results!    Garry
  Kasparov played two teams live on ICC, as part of a larger  promotional event
  in London.  (See news 800 and news 811 for more info.)  Team 1 consisted of:
  Knightrunner (captain) Catarina  Minstrel RA and Torr. They put up a great
  fight ...
 6: from GM Talion's notes ( i totally agree) :  Ok, i'm fed up with all
  computer operator nonsense about going to the top    of the rating charts at
  all costs, including limiting humans ability to an    increment of no more
  than 1.  5: This is chess, not a speed or mouse contest.  More? see his note
 7: Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which
  produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little,
  which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad
  breath. This made him a super callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis;)
 8: "ICC requires me to state that I am not an official vendor, and you should
  read the third  paragraph in help Services."
 9:   I give chess lessons online . Also if you are in  NY City  area I can
  meet    you in the city. For rates online or in person, message me with your
  email    address preferably and i will send u an email with all pertinent
10: This note i shall put in a different quote every day( for a limited time
  only:) "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to
  be happy, practice compassion." - Dalai Lama


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