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Information about joesixpack (Last disconnected Tue Oct 17 2017 13:22):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Crazyhouse      1026  [6]     0     1     0     1                      
Bullet          1169  [8]     0     1     0     1                      
Blitz           1530  [8]   441   417    37   895   1533 (02-Jul-2004) 
Standard        1688  [6]   131    92    14   237   1738 (16-Jul-2001) 
1-minute        1350  [8]     0     1     0     1                      

 1:   "joe, you are a moral man, and that is why you find my views so
  offensive..." - dugoutdoug, 6/20/04;
 2: " Travels in the Interior of Africa " by Mungo Park, is an account of his
  exploration of what are now the countries of Senegal, Mali, Niger and Gambia
  in 1800 or thereabouts...fascinating stuff, not only for Park's explorations,
  but a picture of African societies at the time...
 3: a list of (mostly) obscure chess books, with brief descriptions, that i
  posted on amazon years ago...i'm too lazy to make changes, so for now, it'll
  have to do:
 4: Democracy Now: ;  Community Public Radio -
  live stream ;; CPR news - a daily half hour
  news program hosted by Don DeBar; Tom  Secker " " - CIA, MI5/6, hollywood and more
 5: leonard lopate has been hosting the most intelligent interview show for
  decades: archives from 2004: ; Radio
  Australia: news in English , 24/7  bbc radio:
 6: internet news television in english, from many different countries, to be
  found here: ; english language
  newspapers from around the world:
 7: even though i don't often agree with the hosts, my favorite talk show, for
  many years now,  is " the right perspective " archived podcasts here: - host frank is brilliant...
 8: this guy, Dave Emory, is kind of kooky - he thinks that everything has some
  link to the Nazis...but you will find a lot of fascinating interviews and
  solid and obscure information on his website:
 9: if you're interested in chess history - and superb writing - you ought to
  be checking out edward winter's site:
10: vladika01(97): Spin was like ancient Rome
  CrazyIvan(97): no, vlad, he was the enlightenment


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