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Information about jock (Last disconnected Wed Apr 14 1999 20:18):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            2340  [6]    21    11     4    36   2346 (10-Sep-1998) 
Loser's         2100  [6]     2    12     0    14                      
Bughouse        2006  [6]   943  1114     1  2058   2104 (30-Dec-1998) 
Bullet          2200  [8]  1960  2309   144  4413   2205 (26-Dec-1998) 
Blitz           2220  [8]  1637  1915   181  3733   2274 (08-Apr-1999) 
Standard        2208  [6]     5     4     3    12                      

 1: Hellooooooooooooooooo ladies - Val Venus
 2: Playing from good old Seattle, WA where the rain is always present and the
  sun just never shines.
 4: ask about lessons
 5: if you have two phone lines we can talk on the phone and be in examining
  mode on icc
 6: I own all FIDE masters except Kawas
 7: I invite you all to join my chess server using the hotline client you can
  download at then you can connect to my server by sending me
  a tell on ICC asking me for my server address.  My server includes all the
  chess software you can
 8: **************************************************************************
 9: Note from ICC management:  This account is banned.  It belongs to a person
  that dozens of members claim has scammed dozens them out of money.  He asks
  people to send him money by Western Union.  NEVER wire money to someone
  offering lessons, and only use approved ICC vendors.


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