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Information about carro (Last disconnected Tue Oct 17 2017 02:04):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1198  [6]     0     3     0     3                      
Crazyhouse      1268  [6]     0     1     0     1                      
Bullet          1429  [8]     8    14     0    22   1449 (16-Jan-2017) 
Blitz           1316      13862 11510  1255 26627   1595 (02-Oct-2004) 
Standard        1702  [6]     2     3     2     7                      
5-minute        1376  [8]   790   792    83  1665   1556 (09-Oct-2005) 
1-minute         965  [8]     0     2     0     2                      
3-minute        1447  [8]     0     1     0     1                      

 1:  The worst of all the the men you'll meet are those whose business is to
  greet, and gladhand!  Smile!   Kiss that baby!   They'll take your cash (and
  I don't mean maybe).
 2: apu(97): Why do I get this image of carro sitting on a patio rocking chair
  and croaking, "You kids get outta my yard!"
 3:  Gimme crickets, baby jane.  Gimme crickets, I'm still sane.  Surrounded by
  the bumptious blather, I do not work into a lather, instead I still just hunt
  and gather.  I can't just sit although I'd rather.
 4: carbide(97): weak minded people feel a deep need to place blame
 5: I shall now commence to "do philosophy."    All men wish for something.
  Therefore, all men are not yet satisfied.   A man who is not satisfied has
  failed to overcome some challenge.   Therefore, all men are failures, at
  least in part.
 6: A man is a man regardless of hue -- ignore my vague tint and I'll do it for
  you.   So I'll judge what you do and what you say, too.  And my judgment may
  be, as a consequence, true.
 7: In darkness rolls the gleaming train, its humming roar the night's refrain.
  For miles and miles, as the moon shines down, the dark train rolls from town
  to town.  On what doth ride the gathering light as the new sun burns off
  failing night?
 8: "carbide: carro u ignoarnt fool" (sic)
 9: cbrown: Did you hear about the Trump Sandwich? White bread, full of
  baloney, with Russian dressing and a small pickle.
10: It's an odd thing:  I agree with spin about little.  Yet, when he left the
  channel and September died away, it changed the character of the place in a
  way that is nothing but lamentable. If a man is defined by his adversaries,
  all of us who disagreed with spin lost stature by his leaving.


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