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Statistics for cap78red         On for:    9     Idle:    0

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          1067  [7]    11    30     0    41   1135 (10-May-2017) 
Blitz           1415        112   207    26   345   1576 (09-Aug-2017) 
Standard        1444         73   124    19   216   1557 (05-May-2017) 
5-minute        1497  [8]    94   100    15   209   1597 (31-Jan-2017) 
15-minute       1599          6     9     2    17                      
3-minute        1390  [8]     4    10     1    15                      
25-minute       1660  [1]     5     3     0     8                      

 1: My name is Alan Mansel Llewellyn. I am welsh, born in the early seventies.
 2: I joined my local club in 1989 in the lake district area of England, i was
  a club secretary.
 3: My heighest grade over the board has been 1832 my grade over the board was
  1754 last year.
 4: I speak a little spanish because i have lived in Argentina for a few years.
 5: I have been a business man and have a webdesign company, i helped raise
  10,000 pounds for charity.
 6: I love rugby being welsh as well as politics, i am a labour party member
  but loved the tory coalition
 7: I have finished second in my county(finishing behind a correspondence GM
  John Toothill) and have finished third in a british regional tournament, as
  well as winning my club competition for 3 years out of 8 attempts.
 8: My best icc result is a win against a 2953 player YaacovN(and a win against
  british gm keith arkell).
 9: drawn with gm aaron summerscale in otb simul. OnceInALifetime tells
  you:knight on g2 is winning
10: check out and

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