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Information about WildExperts (Last disconnected Thu Nov 16 2006 07:45):

 1: This is a new feature specially conceived to award wild players on ICC.
  People who win in certain wild events will be added to an Award Group called:
 2: Events where you may get WildExpert points are: WildChamps ('finger
  WildChamps') and also the monthly scheduled series Zhouse League ('finger
 3: Each time you earn a WildExpert point, you will be added to the WildExperts
  group for one week. Once you get 25 WildExpert points, you will be added to
  the WildExperts group permanently.
 4: The list of WildExperts will be periodically updated at:
 6: Current awards are the following:
 7: For WildChamps, on each section -->  Winner: 6 points / Second: 3 Points /
  3rd to 8th: 2 Points / rest of finalists: 1 Point
 8: For Zhouse League on a monthly series -->  Winner: 2 Points /    2nd & 3rd:
  1 Point
10: If you need more info, suggesting anything, asking a doubt etc, please
  message this account.


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