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Information about Ucantry (Last disconnected Tue Sep 19 2000 17:33):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1401  [6]     5    13     0    18                      
Loser's         2063  [6] 10465  7585   243 18293   2327 (04-Feb-2000) 
Bughouse        1140  [6]    10    45     0    55   1140 (06-Apr-2000) 
Bullet          1355  [8]   224   403    22   649   1545 (10-Feb-2000) 
Blitz           1132  [8]   433   459    47   939   1237 (16-Jul-1999) 
Standard        1223  [6]    50    53     3   106   1229 (10-Feb-2000) 

 1: guest323(U) says: not only did i try, but i kicked your ass   guest  :
  323(U) says: good night ( =-) lol!!! i cant believe this guy!! ))
 2: Issuing: Ucantry (2222)
 3: I have been unbanned finally ~ No ~ my previous behaviors shall not
  resurface and I apoligise to you all! ~ SORRY  ~
 4: I have noticed w17 players are lacking on ICC lately! Well I shall dedicate
  my time to teach those who feel they can be taught and those who want to be
  taught ~~ all so w17 competition will increase and players will be as
  abundant as ever~~~!!
 5:  Chesskid88 (18:32 24-May-00 EDT): you suck
 6: My LIL' bro is attempting to open the candidates tourn once again !!! I
  encourage everyone to play in the qualifier!! yes we will concider all time
  zones in the world and pick the neautral time which seems to be 18:00 server
  ,I will help you study for the qualifier if you feel you need it, any rating!
 7: The only lesson worth knowing in life is LIVE AND LEARN ~!~
 8: LateKnight(*) tells you: look man.. do yourself a favor.  Mellow! chill!
 9: I occasionally lose! when I do I expect a certain amount of respect ! like
  always at least one rematch after I lose! as well as no one bregging I beat
  you blabla bla when truly they know it was not deserved! so please breg when
  u beat me a 5 3 time control
10: this candidates has been manslaughtered !! there is no auto-advance there
  is only the qualifier to judge the top 12 for the candidates!! auto-advance
  means the top 6 players on the best lilst with at least 6 3 1 w17 rated games
  in their history advances!! then the top 6 from the qualifier advance !!


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