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Information about Schroer(IM) (Last disconnected Fri Jul 21 2017 20:45):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bughouse        2560  [6]  1907   741    13  2661   2854 (19-Mar-1997) 
Bullet          2450  [8]    83   244    28   355   2530 (17-May-1997) 
Blitz           2687  [8]   256    68    24   348   2765 (05-Mar-2000) 
Standard        2708  [6]     6     0     3     9                      

 1: Hi! I am International Master Jonathan Schroer, many times North Carolina
  Champion since 1993. I am a professional scholastic coach and ex-Program
  Director of the Emory-Atlanta Castle Chess Camp. I have been giving ICC/phone
  lessons (individual and group) since 1995.
 2: I am available for individual and group lessons on ICC and over the phone
  (and of course, in person). I will analyze your games with you to aid your
  understanding and to ID areas for growth. My students typically enjoy rapid
  and sustained improvement. For details, message me. E-mail:
 3: ICC lessons are given in examine mode.  You choose a game of yours, or I
  choose an instructive game or study.  We then set it up and play it through,
  with analysis of side variations as they arise.
 4: If you have an available phone line, we can talk while we are in ICC
  examine mode, making the lesson similar to a lesson in person (but more
  convenient)!  Without phone, ICC lessons use tells, kibitzes, or channels.
 5: Group lessons can be a good value!  Group lessons with 2 students are
  especially popular.
 6: I am a chekel vendor. To play blitz for chekels, type "c-offer Schroer 5
  blitz" for a 5 0 u game, "c-offer Schroer 2 bullet" for a 2 0 u game, etc.
  Another game free if you win!
 7: "tymshel:  One thing I know is that when I take your advice, I play alot
  better.  Your lessons are like a gift that keeps giving.  When I get to
  another level, I can remember something you said and it just clicks. Thanks
 8: "ivanson:  Hi, I finished 5/6 for clear first in A/B section. Not too bad
  for a 1700 player, even if my opponents helped a lot.  :-)"  ...  "Also, I
  just got the latest files you sent and they opened just fine.   Wow, thanks,
  I can't wait to peruse!"
 9: Opening Database 1.0:  460,000+ games organized into 173 separate files on
  different opening variations, in Chess Base and PGN format, all ECO coded.
  Order it from me today!
10: Mailing address: 5628 Monarch Birch Drive, Apex, NC 27539. Home phone:
  919-557-5156. Cell phone: 919-422-2535. E-mail:

 Name   : Jonathan Schroer


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