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Statistics for Raster         On for:    5     Idle:    4
Raster is observing game 530.

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1313  [6]    20    28     0    48   1332 (30-Sep-2016) 
Blitz           1353       1327   120    18  1465   1506 (05-Mar-2016) 
Standard        1954       2510   123    56  2689   2103 (27-Jun-2015) 

 1: I only play 30 30 or slower, sorry...
 2: My chess vision is slow and I'm not getting any faster.
 3: When I play against people who are not used to slow chess this seems
 4: to bother them.
 5: This is strange since I abide by the time controls, but for some
 6: silly reason impatient folks ask me to stop taking so long per move.
 7: Crazy huh?
 8: ...Some people are crazy I conclude...


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