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Information about Providence(IM) (Last disconnected Thu Jun 22 2017 19:22):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Blitz           2410  [8]     9     7     0    16                      
Standard        2285  [6]     1     2     0     3                      
5-minute        2606       3500  1774   366  5640   2638 (22-Dec-2016) 
1-minute        2313  [8]  1647  1124   103  2874   2578 (24-Jan-2014) 
3-minute        2043  [8]     4     1     0     5                      
Chess960        1447  [8]     0     1     0     1                      
25-minute       1403  [4]     0     2     0     2                      

 1: No takebacks
 2: Hello, everyone! International Master John Bryant here. I'm offering
  lessons to anyone interested, AND you can name your own price! I can teach
  you to play any opening better, improve your positional understanding,
  methods for finding tactics, elements of practical play, and chess
 3:  I conduct my lessons over Skype to anyone not in the Tehachapi area. I'm
  trying to build up a number of students, so take advantage of this while it
  lasts. My most notable accomplishments: 1st place at US Open 2012, 19th place
  US Championship 2013, reigning Southern California State Champion.
 4: My USCF rating is 2573. I am passionate about playing and teaching chess,
  and I take pride in what I do. I wouldn't even bother teaching if I wasn't
  confident that I was giving you a good product.
 5:  If you're interested, contact me at (760)338-8672 or I'm available practically all waking hours of the
 6: I'm not an official ICC vendor.

 Name   : John Bryant


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