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Information about Patzer-Freak (Last disconnected Wed May 31 2000 13:27):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1880  [6]     1     4     0     5                      
Loser's         2165  [6]   238   106     6   350   2237 (31-May-2000) 
Crazyhouse      1442  [6]     1     8     0     9                      
Bullet          1543  [8]     7    10     1    18                      
Blitz           1735  [8]     1     3     0     4                      
Standard        1872  [6]     0     2     0     2                      

 1:   2237 (31-May-2000) - 2122 (31-May-2000) This was as a result of three
  patzers by the names of memnoch , pathogen, and slav ! All quitting onc
  winning! dropping me 115 points in 4 games lost!
 2: There a few titled patzers on ICC    Memnoch , Pathogen , Bucmaster , and
  so many its hard to name them!
 4: I do know Ucantry personally ! We live together! And I have managed to pick
  up lots from him! On ICC I admit he is a Fing goof! But if you all knew him
  in real life hes a pretty nice quiet and friendly guy!
 5: Hilbilly , MST3K , TRAPPED , WYLDCHYLD !! You are all censoring me! Lets
  try to keep it that way!  I think you are all good players! have nothing but
  respect for you! Thanks guys!
 6: I give takebacks for obvious mistakes~! If you had a win on a bullet game
  but messed up due to time I will resign or draw at minimum~ I expect the same
  RESPECT from all of you wether ive proven myself or not!
 7: the best w17 players on ICC's history include 1:  ( Sacksackmate, Wowsers ,
  Fluxcapacitor ,) 2: MST3K  3: (Farkov , Ucantry , Torment ) As of may 2000
  and according to fluxcapacitor himself!
 8: Truly no one will ever be " better " than any of these players! these
  players played in a time where there were no patzers and everyone played with
  real skill! Gotta give um credit !
 9: As far as me being good well Im aight! I play for fun not to be good! I try
  real hard to hide this but I do! FUN FUN FUN! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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