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Information about PIE-EYED (Last disconnected Tue Jan 08 2002 15:33):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1480  [6]     9    24     1    34   1547 (28-Dec-2001) 
Loser's         2029  [6]   341   244     6   591   2372 (20-Dec-2001) 
Crazyhouse      1475  [6]     2    17     0    19                      
Bullet          1467  [8]    52   158     6   216   1692 (18-Dec-2001) 
Blitz           1743  [8]     0     5     2     7                      
Standard        1985  [6]     0     1     0     1                      

 1: I used REDWALL to get 2372 !! MST3K this proves anyone can use a bot to
  gain rating!! no matter how skilled u claim the bot is!!!! I have made 2417
  off of HUMANS and only humans! yet people say MST3KI has the record with 2435
  using bots!!!!! Should I use bots to make 2500 then will I be credible???? NO
 2: And to prove I can beat the snot outta bots look at anyone's liblist ;) And
  I have beaten Wild-Thing more than any other human!!! And hes a DAMN SKILLED
 3: Bugs me how people think MST3K deserves his 2435 which he got abusing
  bots!! And they don't think I deserve my 2417 which I ABUSED only HUMANS to
  get!!! So I will get 2500 USING HUMANS!!! and this will settle EVERYTHING
 4: I dont play longer time controls !! They r too boring! And I would have to
  practice for months to break my 0 1 habits!!! But no worries I dont care how
  good I am now!! I know how good I have been ;)
 5: And I don't see why people ask me to prove myself over and over again!!
  Havent I done it .... Beating EVERYONE on ICC more than they beat me!! Doesnt
  that prove anything ???

 Name   : John and Don


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