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Information about OzsO(C) (Last disconnected Tue Jan 16 2018 16:52):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1240  [6]     2     7     0     9                      
Bullet          1273  [8]  1749  1002    42  2793   1536 (30-Aug-1998) 
Blitz           2417       2958  9090  3520 15568   3164 (04-Jun-1999) 
Standard        2879  [6]   530   736   526  1792   2880 (26-Oct-1999) 
computer-pool   1770  [4]     3    73     4    80   1953 (29-Dec-2016) 

 1: Games of 5/5 unrated are offered to all, using only single core Chessmaster
  9000,  just with own book.
 2: i72600k O/C 4.4 gz  32G ram.  Opening by Chessmaster 9000, afterwards,
  usually Stockfish  8
 3: Play for openings study. ratingsare irrevelant.  Sometimes resign when
  tired or bored.with a long game, regardless of expected outcome.
 4: Do not want to ruin the reputation of any chess program... :)
 5: Pool 3/3, Chessmaster 9000 only, expect to lose all, previous los at this
  time was in low 1700s.... can that be broken? :)
 6: Hey Mr Chessman, teach me something if you can/ Hey Mr Chessman, let me
  teach you something if i can.
 7: Johnny told the Devil, "You're pretty good old son, but I'm the best
  there's ever been."         {briefly at least}
 8: Friend, Bountyhunter, John Panuzzo has passed.  A good man, friend, and
  chess fan. mid March 2014.
 9: Scrappy is the only computer account with a valid reason for !Computer, has
  demonstrated that that restriction is worth 600 points Blitz !
10: Starting C accounts ar 2200 widens the human/C gap to 1000 an discourages C
  membership. :(


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