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Information about Oly-FRA2000 (Last disconnected Wed Nov 15 2000 14:30):

 1: 34th Chess Olympiad  October 28 - November 12  Istanbul, Turkey
  . Official site
 2: Match results and games for France will be posted here
  . finger Oly2000 for accounts for other countries
 3: Final Results  Mens : 32.5/56 and Womens : 21.5/42
 4: Mens team composed by : C.Bauer, I. Nataf, J. Degraeve, L. Fressinet, M.
  Apicella and A. Hauchard
 5: Womens team composed by : M. Nepeina-Leconte, R. Te-Lallemand, A. Muller
  and C. Flear
 6: Congrats to the Mens team who managed to play alot of good teams and finish
  with a good score !
 7: Well Done on the Women side with strong performances by everyone !
 8: This is BlackHorse. Thanks all the olympiad players for such an exciting
  event :)
 9: see 'liblist Oly-Fra2000' for all the games.


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