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Information about Olka(IM) (Last disconnected Thu Oct 30 2008 20:21):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Crazyhouse      1942  [6]     0     2     0     2                      
Bullet          2543  [8]    41    57    12   110   2925 (06-Sep-2004) 
Blitz           2946  [8]    47    53     8   108   3026 (08-Dec-2004) 
1-minute        2383  [8]    13     4     0    17                      

 1: Curumo(IM) tells you: i will reach 3100
 2: Curumo(IM) tells you: i am blitz champion 4 time and better than the 13 gms
  who plays for him
 3: Curumo(IM) tells you: i am after anand one of strongest player in blitz
 4:  Smallville(GM) kibitzes: chess girls are terrible
 5: Smallville(GM) kibitzes: I'll die before I ever have fun with chess girls.
 7: tell playgirl "pille(C) whispers: cos of my bet I would need to marry
  Playgirl(IM) if Germany gets title" :)
 8: Playgirl(IM) tells you: jesus
 9: faust told you: nexuj tratit bablo na etih bljadej!


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